Why Your Bathtub No Longer Holds Water

Why Your Bathtub No Longer Holds Water

We all love long relaxing baths in the tub from time to time. Bathtubs are treated as one of the best places for relaxation inside your homes. When these bathroom features begin to function inefficiently, such as not being able to hold water anymore, you might need to reduce your time for relaxation, or get immediate plumbing help.

One of the common issues with bathtubs besides blocked drains are tubs that are unable to hold water. This happens when water continuously drains from your tub when it is not supposed to. You should address the issue immediately to avoid wasting your precious hot water.

One of the most common causes of issues with holding water in your tub is your bathtub drain stopper. When this fixture is disconnected from the plug or if the spring that connects it to the linkage is not working, water starts to drain. This plumbing issue is an easy fix and can be adjusted easily to prevent wasting your hot water down to the drain. A reliable local Sydney plumber can easily help you fix and solve this problem in no time.

Here are top ways on how you can maintain your bathtubs and keep them working efficiently.

Check the Drain Stopper Cover Plate to Inspect Possible Disconnections

Lift your drain cover plate to check if the linkage that moves the drain stopper is connected properly. Simply pull the level and lift the link to see the accessory fully exposed. If you see wear and tear or other issues in your linkage, you may have them replaced immediately.

Have Your Connections Fixed

A magnetic tool is one of the most effective solutions on how you can keep your linkage assembly with waste. You can do this on your own and purchase your tool from your local hardware store. You can use this to connect the plug, spring and the linkage assembly more securely. If you have doubts in doing this on your own, you can ask help from your trusted local plumber.

Check for Tangles

The linkage assembly can be bent and tangled over time. Always make sure that this assembly is hanging straight down and securely pinned to the top, keeping it place, whenever you are about to use your bathtub. If the linkage assembly is already deformed or if your U-pin is already torn or missing, consider replacing it immediately to avoid any issues and to keep the entire length of the linkage assembly in place. Keeping it in place is the only thing that allows it to function properly.

Replace Your Drain Stop Mechanism and Refill Your Bath

Your last resort to completely prevent your bathtub from draining water when it should be holding it is by entirely replacing your drain stop mechanism. Install the mechanism in the overflow tube and replace it with the drain stopper cover plate. You can then test the level of your bathtub water by filling it and measuring if it is still draining water or holding it instead. Repeat the steps above until you achieve the results that you desire. If all fails, a trained plumbing expert can do the job for you in less than an hour.

Bathtubs that are not holding water are considered to be a minor plumbing issue. It can be fixed on your own, even without experience. However, to save time and to prevent the issue from arising anytime soon, it would be best to get professional help from your local plumber in Sydney to have your bathtub draining issues fixed. Save water and enjoy a good long bath with an efficiently working bathtub.

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