The Importance of Protecting Rain Gutters

Rainguard gutters

Rainguard gutters serve an important function. The experts at Global Gutter Systems tell us that gutters are designed to direct rainwater from the roof of your home away from the walls and foundations and into a special drain. This protects the home from water damage and ensures that you don’t end up with issues such as mold and mildew, or even subsidence. 

As you can see, Rainguard gutters are important for the integrity of the home, so it makes sense to protect them and ensure they are always working as they should. 

What Causes Gutters to Fail? 

You might think that your gutters are unimportant and that you don’t have to worry about them or even think about them. The reality is that unless they are maintained and cared for, the gutter drainage system can fail. 

When a gutter system is not working properly, water might drip from the sides. In the case of a blockage, it can actually pour from the gutters. This can be due to several issues. 

For example, dirt and debris can build up in the gutters over time, and when this happens rainwater cannot pass. In the event of a heavy downpour, rain might start to back up in the gutters and then spill over the sides, falling onto the ground below or down the side of the house. If left to continue in this manner, the rain can make the walls of the home damp, or it can discolor the sidings. In a worst case scenario, the water could seep into the foundations of the home and cause water damage or, over time, lead to subsidence. 

A buildup of dirt and debris in the gutters can also cause other issues. If the gutters are not cleaned, then the weight of a blockage can cause the gutters to come away from the home. Should heavy rain or a snow shower occur, the excess weight and lack of support in the gutter system could cause the entire gutter to come loose. 

How to Protect Gutter Systems

There are a few ways to protect your Rainguard gutters. The easiest and least expensive way is to have them cleaned regularly. This might be something that you will do yourself or you could hire someone to do it for you. Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year, but this would really depend on how dirty they are. Sometimes once a year is enough, but for others more frequent cleaning may be required. With regular cleaning, dirt and debris that is commonly found in gutters will not build up and cause blockages. 

Another way to protect the gutters is to install covers that will prevent the largest items of debris from getting into the system. While these rain gutter coverings do not prevent all dirt and debris from entering the gutter system, they will stop larger items like leaves and twigs (which can be a major problem, especially for homes near to wooded areas). 


Although it is a common belief that gutter systems do not require any maintenance, the reality is that this important part of the home must be maintained to keep it in good working order. To prevent a buildup of dirt and debris in the gutter systems, it is important to check it regularly and get it cleaned as necessary. Failure to do this could mean rainwater is unable to drain adequately from the property This could then mean damage to the home in the form of rotting fascias, stained sidings, and an accumulation of mold and mildew.

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