Tips To Pack And Move Your Books During Relocation

Tips To Pack And Move Your Books During Relocation

If you’re a book lover who finds relief from the daily stress of life by just picking up your favorite book, then we can understand how valuable they are to you.

That’s why, when it comes to moving your books, you may feel more stressed out, if you have a vast collection of your books filled in your drawers and you don’t want to lose them while relocating in your new abode, and you’ll already be caught up in other challenging tasks.

We know packing and moving books is not as easy as it sounds to be since you have a lot to do like – arrange suitable packing boxes, pack them the right way, and so on. You need to do proper planning from beginning to the end to move them safely. If you don’t pay attention to your books while packing them, you will end up with torn pages and a ruined book. Accidents can happen at any time during the relocation process, and you will have no alternative to save your books then.

Due to the stress of relocation, people fail to pack their beloved books accurately as they think there’s not much to do while moving books, and they can put them into a box at the last moment. However, improper packing can easily damage your books and other items during transit.

Fret not; we understand your relocation worries, and we have made a complete guide with safety procedures to pack and move all your books without a single tear:

Quick guidelines for packing your books appropriately

Sort before packing

Before you start packing your favorite collections, you should sort the unnecessary books to decide which ones you want to take with you and which you can give away; if you relocate your entire book collection, your shifting charges will also increase for moving large number of goods. So, reduce heavy load of your books to pack and move them easily without facing any trouble.

You could consider donating your old or unwanted books (which you may be done reading) and spread the knowledge to others who may need it. Decluttering unwanted things before relocating into a new house helps reduce heavy loads and removal costs.

Assemble the right packing supplies

If you have to pack your book collection for a long-distance move, you must arrange the suitable wrapping materials to pack and relocate the books. Use good-quality packing supplies that packers and movers in Koramangala use, so that your books don’t get damaged at any point during the process.

You can use plastic containers as they are excellent for long-term book packing; they can protect your items against humidity and other damages.

If you don’t buy suitable and sturdy boxes, they become prone to moisture, pests, etc. The plastic containers protect books from all these threats and offer complete protection during transit.

Pack your books strategically

When you are ready with suitable wrapping materials to pack your books, pack them carefully by keeping books of the same size together in one box so that you can avoid the anxiety of damaging your books during transit.

Place the books either flat on their backs or vertically with the open side of the book facing down before packing them. Fill the empty gap inside the box with shredded paper, so that the books remain fixed and safe from any damages during the complete move.

Seal the boxes using strong tape

Depending on the superiority of the box and the weight of your books, you should use the sturdy packing tapes to secure them.

The essential places to tape the box are at the bottom-most and upper part of the box; make sure you apply an additional layer of tape at the bottom to ensure that the cartons do not get damaged due to the enormous weight. Also, use tape to support the side joints of the containers so that the books sit firmly inside the box, and there’s no room for damage.

Label your packed containers wisely

Once you are done with wrapping up your packed books using tape, then label it clearly using a maker as “Books.”

If you are reusing any used boxes, never forget to cross out any earlier markings to be safe from any confusion about what the packed container is holding. By labeling your packed boxes, you can quickly unpack your favorite books without wasting time to unpack and rearrange all the packed boxes to find them after moving to your new home.

Packing supplies you will need

  • Packing paper;
  • Old Newspapers;
  • Packing tape;
  • Durable boxes;
  • Milk crates;
  • Suitcases;
  • Packing tape;
  • Sturdy plastic bins;
  • Markers to label the boxes;

How to pack books with complete safety

  • Never make the mistake of placing your books vertically such that the binding-part is on the bottom since it may get spoilt under the heaviness of the rest of the books.
  • Remember to place heavyweight books at the bottom of the box.
  • Never pack boxes more than 20 kg for a safe move.
  • If you have wheeled suitcases, you can use them to pack the more massive books as it will help you save the money of buying packing materials and you can also move your books more easily.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack any expensive or early-edition books you may have.
  • Be alert while carrying and loading your packed boxes as they will be heavy enough to handle them.



We agree that the above-discussed procedures are time-consuming and confusing if you are not an expert in relocation field. So, you can go with the best option to move stress-free by hiring reliable Movers and Packers such as movers services provider in Bangalore who are completely capable of taking complete responsibility for your move from the time you select them.

A cheap and best packers and movers will come with appropriate packing materials and equipment to pack and move all your items separately as per their nature, and you will not have to worry at any point as expert packing and moving company near you, will provide you full packing and moving service at affordable rates.

However, before choosing a moving company, remember to perform a complete verification of the legitimacy of the packers and movers to be safe from scam companies who can cheat you and make your move more hassled and complicated.

No doubt, books are always an individual item if you are fond of reading and investing your free time with it. Once you have figured out which books you want to take to your new home, you would be eager to pack and move them in a well-organized manner. In the end, we hope the above-discussed steps will help you relocate your favorite books so that you can enjoy rereading them in your new home.


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