Valid Reasons for Using Air Purifier at Every Home in Australia

Valid Reasons for Using Air Purifier at Every Home in Australia

The air in the urban areas nowadays remains filled with dust and dirt particles, smoke, and different types of harmful gases. This extensive air pollution is giving rise to many respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Usually, aged people and children are most affected by this polluted air even at their homes. Hence, the use of suitable air purifier Australia is now recommended for every household, to provide safe air for inhaling while staying indoors. Well-known brands have introduced effective purifiers that can provide pure and healthy air, due to the applications of the latest technology.

Technological features available in an air purifier

Best quality HEPA filter – High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter is known to be the best mechanical filter used for purifying the air. Now, H13 medical filtration technology is applied to make the modern air purifiers, which can trap dust particles, pollen grains, chemicals, and pet dander of even micro sizes. Hence, people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments are benefitted from this air purifier.

Highly efficient pre-filter – E7 filters are used for pre-filtration system in these air purifiers, which capture all the harmful gases and smoke. Technostat microporous filters are provided for achieving the highest level of air filtration. As a result, the air in that space is left totally clean and odorless. Thus, such purifiers are most effective in maintaining hygienic conditions in hospitals and other busy commercial places.

Activated carbon filter – This is the last stage of air filtration, where large carbon filters are applied. Air can flow easily through this filter, rendering better longevity to the air purifier device. It also ensures the lower consumption of electrical energy that is needed to operate this appliance. Thus, it makes the purifier more environment-friendly and also saves money of the owner, in the form of lesser amounts in monthly electric bills.

Durable steel coating – The entire body of the air purifier is made of metals, which is coated with steel powder for rendering better durability. No plastic or other synthetic materials are used in manufacturing this device, for which it is not harmful to human health and the surrounding environment.

Health benefits of using an air purifier at home

  • An air purifier is a basic necessity for asthma patients, whose problems are triggered due to the presence of dust, pollens, and other allergens in the air. Thus, the purified air helps them to remain healthy without suffering from frequent asthmatic attacks while they are at home.
  •  All foul smell of tobacco and harmful gases, like ammonia, methane, and formaldehyde, are eliminated from the air, making inhalation more comfortable.
  • An air purifier Australia does not adversely affect the ozone layer of the earth, so it is safe for the environment of this planet.
  • It prevents many lung diseases, as it absorbs the fumes created by smoking cigarettes, thus saving passive smokers from the harmful effects of tobacco.
  • Old buildings with asbestos roofs and pipes need air purifiers, to capture the minute asbestos particles that can damage lungs when inhaled with air.
  • The air purifier also captures mosquitoes and other bugs flying in the air. Thus, people are saved from malaria and many other vector-borne diseases.

Hence, the installation of air purifier is recommended at all residential houses, hospitals, clinics, and other commercial places in Australia.

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