Sales Hunters Vs. Sales Farmers – What’s the Difference?

Sales Hunters Vs. Sales Farmers – What’s the Difference?

Hunters and farmers are the most common sales roles. Farmers ‘farm’ is the base of existing accounts for incremental or extra sales, whereas hunters focus on capturing new accounts. Some sales positions include both responsibilities. When your company has such sales jobs, it’s crucial to keep track of how different salespeople in those roles act. 

The Hunter-Farmer analysis can help you better understand the nature of various segments of salespeople in such roles, as well as the peculiarities of your sales process. This analysis’s key data request assesses whether a sale is to an existing or new customer. The knowledge of Louisiana Hunting Land for Sale helps classify each sale and determine whether the salesperson acts like a hunter or a farmer.

  • The Hunter Sales Persona

The hunter salesperson looks for new prospects, accounts, and opportunities. They’re self-sufficient and like moving from one contract to the next since they’re driven to find and attract fresh leads.

Hunters are adept at immediately establishing connections with prospects, but they don’t continually cultivate long-term relationships with salespeople and clients. They attend numerous networking events, join various groups, reach out to leads via LinkedIn and other media platforms, make numerous phone calls, and seek referrals daily. A hunter thrives in a role that allows them to be self-sufficient. Account executives, field reps, and business development managers are all good jobs for people with this persona.

  • The Farmer Sales Persona

Existing relationships are more comfortable for the farmer salesperson to fertilize and water. Before anything else, they focus on cultivating relationships and establishing long-term rapport with their existing accounts.

Their customers know they’ll be there for them if any problems happen, and the farmer is happy to help. Their customer-centric approach has a significant impact on customer retention and loyalty. They also increase revenue from existing clients by promoting upgrades to higher software tiers as a company grows. 

Get to know in detail about Sales Hunters Vs. Sales Farmers

Account managers, customer service agents, and client success managers are sales roles that farmer personas excel at. The trapper persona is in the middle, with hunters and farmers on opposite ends of the spectrum. A great salesperson understands the 80/20 rule and goes for the big prize. They keep mopping up the remaining after securing or heading towards the “kill.”

A hunter is typically assumed to go out alone, yet any rabbit hunter knows that they require bird dogs. And he continues to train his bird dog squad. Friends, relatives, business acquaintances, and prior and current customers are examples of bird dogs.

Final thoughts 

Hunters are most precious, but a region once “conquered” or leading in market share is earned becomes “your farm,” speaking from personal experience. Hunting and farming are essential on your landed estate.

It means that you, or one of your subordinates, will have an increasing amount of farming ahead of you to keep other pesky bunnies out of your cash crop vegetable fields. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself automatically going on the defensive rather than the attack.

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