Mice sightings spike during the colder months of the year. As homes provide shelter and warmth in the winter, nuisance rodent populations increase. A common species of mouse can be found around the world. They enter houses to find food and warmth as the weather gets colder. Professional pest extermination Middleton services are the most effective way to eliminate mice for good. 

Unlike humans, mice don’t arrive empty-handed. They carry parasites and pathogens with them. It does not matter if they live in the wild or inhouse — rodents do not hibernate. They spend the winter searching for food, seeking refuge, and avoiding predators. Winter in Michigan is associated with the migration of mice north.

An infestation of mice in the winter or summer often results in diseases, food poisoning, and property damage.


An attic and walls provide a warm, protected space for mice seeking a winter home, and houses and other structures provide them with food and water. Since they will not risk braving the cold to pursue food throughout the winter, they will be easier to spot because they will usually remain indoors.

Typically, people have used poisons and traps to eliminate rats from their property. Although such strategies may eventually eliminate pests, they can be extremely dangerous to humans. Furthermore, they cause dead rodents to rot in your home, resulting in an unpleasant odor.

These preventative actions can aid in the elimination of mice:

  • Make sure your food is well-protected.
  • Sealing points of entry
  • It is recommended to install brush strips.
  • Keep your landscaping in good shape.


Here are some fascinating facts about Michigan’s winter mice:

  • In harsh weather circumstances, mice may migrate from sheds inside your home.
  • Among mice’s favorite haunts are kitchens and pantries. With their flexible body and sharp teeth, they’ll squeak between counters and bite food packaging.
  • Oftentimes, mice live in burrows and reproduce there. These burrows are usually located on frozen surfaces since digging is difficult. A deep enough tunnel can provide enough warmth and protection in the winter months to keep pests safe and warm.
  • Since mice reach maturity in about a month, when winter comes, newly mature mice seek a place to live. If these mice enter your house, they will breed within a month, so you should keep them under control while you still can.

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