How to Reduce the Cost of a Heavy Digger

How to Reduce the Cost of a Heavy Digger

Heavy diggers are beneficial pieces of equipment used for digging, earth moving, excavating, grading, demolition, as well as landscaping. Among the ordinary types of heavy diggers are the different kinds of backhoes and excavators, and they’re crucial in any construction site. Nevertheless, as the apparatus is quite expensive, the majority of contractors choose to hire them instead of purchasing. However, the operational costs of using a heavy digger, even after leasing, are still high. Find below ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger:

1. Compare Numerous Hire Companies

Your best option to conserve costs is by selecting a heavy digger leasing company with inexpensive prices. Although numerous companies have the identical heavy diggers, their rental rates are not the same. Some are more costly than others. Spend time to evaluate a couple of companies before choosing one. Have the following in mind as you do so, to confirm that you get the best prices.

Go for a leasing service with supple packages.

Opt for a company that offers different types of equipment. In case you require an excavator and bulldozer, procuring them from a single company would be more cost efficient than going for two different companies.

Ensure that the bundle includes equipment attachments. Having attachments like buckets, augers, grapples, as well as grading blades will help you conserve time searching for these items post hire. You will also be charged more if you lease them separately.

After equating your companies against these factors, request for quotations and opt for one that fulfills all your requirements at reasonable costs.

2. Get a Serviced Digger

Can you think about leasing a heavy digger which breaks down mid-operation? You will be required to fix it, and this means increased costs of hundreds of Euros over and above the leasing cost. You can do away with this by hiring a serviced digger. Before hiring out the equipment, the plant hire company ought to check, service, and fix the digger. Be sure that you are there during the checking to ensure that all the components are working as they should.

Watch out for areas like the undercarriage, hydraulic system, electrical system, the controls, and the attachment system. Ensure that the hiring company changes all the fluids. Once the digger is overhauled and repaired, you will elude incurring repairs that aren’t completely your fault.

3. Hire a Knowledgeable Operator

Hiring a digger operator might look like an avoidable extra expense, but it can save you cash in the end. Certain lease companies give you an option of hiring equipment together with an operator for an extra price, for example, £200. Go for this package as it will decrease the price of leasing in the end.

A knowledgeable operator will complete the work quicker than you would have, particularly if you do not have the skill to operate a digger. Skilled operators also eliminate errors resulting from unskillfulness and save you needless downtime. In case you hire a company operator and they cause harm to the heavy digger, you will not be held accountable for the damages — the plant hire company will have to bear the expenses.

Final Thoughts

Plant hire is an indispensable service in all earthmoving as well as construction projects. Keep these hints in mind when leasing a heavy digger. Get in touch with us at FGS Plant for all your digger hire requirements. We offer pliable packages to suit the requirements of every contractor. Our prices are competitive, and we offer free quotes on request. Speak with us today and allow us to handle all your digger hire needs.

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