How to Inspect the Roof When Buying a New Home

How to Inspect the Roof When Buying a New Home

Before you buy a new house in Sydney, make sure to inspect the property thoroughly. Doing this will help you anticipate the upcoming expenses for the repair and upkeep of your new property.

You can hire a professional property inspector to check the house for you. However, most home inspection services do not include a roof certification.

The property seller can hold a roof inspection before you finalise the purchase. But there are no laws that require them to do it, so there’s a big chance that they won’t offer that to you.

Having that said, your only option is to hire a professional roofing company to inspect the roof for you. But even though you are hiring someone to do the inspection for you, it’s still best to get involvement.

Knowing what to inspect will give you a better insight into the roof’s current condition. To help you with that, here are some tips for inspecting the roof of your prospective property.

Check How Old the Roof Top Is

There are many ways to determine the age of the property’s roof. You ask the previous owners, check the building permit, or get help from a home inspector.

Also, you can check the roof on your own. You can tell that the roof is still in good condition if it’s mould-free, perfectly flat, and no curly edges or bulges. But if there are deformities in the roof, then those are indicators that it’s old.

A property with an old roof has disadvantages. But there’s nothing to worry about if it’s made from composite shingles. This type of roof often lasts for a longer time without any difficulties. It can withstand harsh weather or conditions even without regular inspection and maintenance.

Inspect the Ventilation System

Apart from the rooftop, you also need to inspect the ventilation system of the property.

To inspect the ventilation system, check first if the exhaust fans are working properly. For example, the bathroom exhaust fans must suck out the moisture produced from cooking and hot showers.

Also, make sure that the ventilation system lets sunlight and air come in easily. So check if there are any signs of mould inside the house.

Moulds are indicators that the property has a faulty ventilation system. But aside from that, moulds can also bring health problems, and they can rot woods on your property.

Examine the Canals and Seepage System

It’s necessary to check the drainage pipes that run along the roof.

Most drainage problems are easy to spot. However, there are also times that they occur in an unsuspecting spot. With that said, be sure to inspect the gutters.

There must be something wrong with the drainage if water stains are flowing over the gutters. Also, the presence of moulds on the underside of the roof indicates that there is a leak. 

Buying a house with a faulty seepage system is a big mistake that you should avoid because overhauling it can cost a lot of money. The seepage system involves downspouts, gutters, and drainage pipes.

Hire a Professional Roofing Company

Inspecting the roof is not an easy task. It’s best to hire a roofing company because they can check everything regarding the roof of the property. For example, they can check the following:

  • Roof shingles for staining and discoloration
  • Cracked, warped, loose, or missing shingles
  • Rust and sagging in flashing
  • Gutter leaks
  • Mould, mildew, or pest infestation
  • Clogged vents or drains
  • Damage around the chimney, vents, or skylight
  • HVAC units and mounting

Also, the best roofing contractors Sydney can carry out repairs immediately. The whole process can take around 72 hours.

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